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UserIntroduction to Investments

Learn the Language

  • What is an investment?
  • What are Stocks?
  • Time horizons for investing
  • What are Mutual Funds?
  • The Market

TemporaryHow to Start Buying and Selling Stocks

In this course you will learn everything you need to know to start buying and selling stock.

We will cover:

  • What is a broker?
  • Types of Stock Transactions
  • What are Margin Accounts
  • How to Read Stock Quotes

and more…

StatsIntroduction to Stock Valuation

In this course you will learn all the basics of common stock valuation. Learn how to calculate financial ratios, and exercise investment models to find the “Real” price of a stock (Intrinsic Value), and stock price projections. You will learn an introduction to Value investing, which is the heart and soul of great investors such as Warren Buffet and Benjamin Graham. The real life application of common stock valuation can help you make the right decisions when investing, and also substantial profits.


  • Common Stock Valuation (Intro)
  • Technical vs Fundamental Analysis
  • Ratio Analysis
  • Dividen Discount Models (DDM)
  • Dividend Discount Models PT 2

FavoriteInvestment Strategies

We have made it to the final course of our “Introduction to Investments Course” by this time you should have a throughout understanding about stocks and how to play in the stock market. This course will give you some investment strategies to apply in your investment endeavors. Remember that if you don’t have a plan before you starting to risk your hard-earned money, your chances of failing are substantial.

You will Learn:

  • Diversification and Asset Allocation
  • Dollar-Cost Averaging
  • Wide Scale Investing (Pyramiding)
  • William O’Neil’s Investment Strategy
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