Investing money is easy. Controlling the risk is what makes it difficult. Lost money due to a fall in share prices can be recovered, but the time you lose not. And it is just that what you need in the long term: time. 

Investors 100% in shares just before the financial crisis, needed 5 years to make up for the losses. Those who had a boring, traditional 60/40 portfolio (60% shares, 40% bonds) only needed 1.5 years to make up for the losses. That gives the second group of investors 3.5 years’ lead on the first group to grow their money again.

To keep the risks manageable, you have to keep the risks as small as possible. The difference between successful and unsuccessful long-term investments depends on how you manage the risk.

Successful investing comes down to a few simple rules, so simple that it is almost impossible for the average investor to follow them. Successful investing is doing the OPPOSITE of what your human emotions tell you.

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