Wall Street’s Mega Billionaires

Have you ever wondered how much money some of the best financial tycoons on Wall Street stack up a year? If so you have to read what this post below.

Wall Street hedge fund managers bring home some of the largest paychecks in the U.S. per year, but instead of envying them we have to realize that most of them grew up with the same opportunities as we have. Hint: One of them even started as a taxi driver.

If investing is your passion as it is for me, seeing this figures and success should only inspire us to work harder for our money. There are always opportunities out there waiting for us to take them.

Some Wall Street’s top earners include:

Louis Bacon,


Founder of Moore Capital Management,

Bacon stacks up an incredible paycheck for $400 Million dollars a year.

Quick Bio:

Bacon graduated form Middlebury College where he received his B.A. in American Literature. While attending college Bacon met Walter Frank while working on a fishing boat during summer. Frank managed to get Bacon a clerking job at the specialist firm Walter N. Frank & Co.

Bruce Kovner,


Founder and Chairman of Caxton Associates hedge fund,

Kovner brings home $800 Million dollars a year.

Quick Bio:

Kovner has always demonstrated to outperform the other kids even on his early years. Kovner is known for being an introvert, not giving interviews and being notoriously private. Kovner studied political economics and over the next years he engaged many interesting professions such as running political campaigns, being a writer and even a taxi cab driver!

Bruce Kovner’s first investment was in 1977 for $3,000 he borrowed from his MasterCard, he started by investing in futures.

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Steven Cohen,


Founder of SAC Capital Advisors hedge fund,

Making an outstanding number of 1$ Billion dollars a year.

Quick Bio:

Cohen comes from a Jewish family in Manhattan where his father was a dress manufacturer and his mom a part-time piano teacher. Cohen developed the obsession for playing poker while going to high school; he says poker has taught him “how to take risks”.

Cohen received a B.A. Economics from Wharton, while attending college his fraternity brother helped him open his first brokerage account for $1,000.

After graduation Cohen started working for Wall Street as a junior trader at the options arbitrage department for Gruntal & Co. His skills caught everybody’s attention at the floor. Cohen made an $8,000 profit during his first day of work and then year later he was making $100,000 profit a day for the company.

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Edward Lampert,

edward lampert

He is the chairman of Sears Holdings (SHLD) and founder, chairman, and CEO of ESL Investments

Lampert takes the gold making the incredible amount of $1.5 Billion dollars a year.

Quick Bio:

Lampert’s father died at the early age of 47, forcing his mom to get a job as a sales clerk at Saks and Fifth. His mother recalls “Eddie really assumed the responsibility, knowing that life had changed and we had to accomplish something by ourselves now”.

Eddie worked hard in order to support his family including working after school and on weekends at various warehouses, stocking shelves and clerk work. Work didn’t stop Eddie from getting good grades at school he even played soccer and basketball at his high school. He then received financial aid to help pay for college.

Year later Eddie graduated form Yale with a B.A. in Economics.

[quote style=”1″]What all of these Wall Street Billionaires share in common is that they all came from rags to riches. Hard work and persistence is what made them successful at what they are.[/quote]



These Wall Street titans enjoy all the luxuries in life when their schedules are open. If you think Hollywood celebrities get to enjoy all the fancy toys and houses money can buy wait till you see the houses this Wall Street tycoons can buy.

Stephen Schwarzman


Let’s start with the luxury apartment of Stephen Schwarzman located in Manhattan. Occupying three floors of a building and paying $30 Million for it makes it the biggest apartment in the city. You can fit 15 regular sized apartments in his luxury one.

J. Christopher Flowers’ Mega Mansion


Another mega mansion bought in Manhattan has to be the “Harkness Mansion” bought by J. Christopher Flowers (Private equity Wall Street Investor) in 2006, paying $53 million for this landmark in the center of the city.

Steven Cohen’s Mega mansion

steve_cohen mansion

Steven A. Cohen owns a mega mansion with a T-Shape in Greenwich. Steven’s mansion spreads over an area of 35,000- square feet. This estate offers geometric gardens and includes amenities such as indoor basketball courts, swimming pool, and a Zamboni Machine.

Edward Lampert’s Mansion

indian_creek eddie lampert

Edward Lampert, after getting bored from his mansion in Greenwich Conn. Lampert has just signed a contract to buy a $40 million mansion on an island off Florida’s Biscayne Bay.

For a Video on the Incredible Lifestyle of Wall Street Billionaires Watch the Video Below:

[media url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XTExy0f0Tzw” width=”600″ height=”400″]

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